2018 – My list(s) for a new year

Planning 2018

My greatest wish for the year: Contentment – stop over-analyzing everything and enjoy the present moment

A thing I’m looking forward to: Travel (Hawaii) and planning my wedding

An important change to make: Being on my phone so much + intuitive eating/exercise

A new experience to try: A spiritual healing event

3 Words to Guide me in 2018

  • Simplify
  • Enjoy
  • Focus

Top 3 Goals for 2018

  • Daily scripture/devotional
  • Increase yoga skill/practice
  • Overall healthier relationship with food & exercise

My Wishes

A book to read: A lot. Goal is 20+ this year!

A movie to watch: The Greatest Showman

A place to visit: Portland, OR

A new skill to learn: Self-defense & become more proficient in Spanish

A thing to buy for myself: New luggage

A kind thing to do for others:  Make “mercy bags” or at least have extra snacks in my car for when I see homeless at the stoplights


For Me:
  • less alcohol & dessert = sugar
  • cook at home more vs. eating out
  • boost my confidence
  • more “self care” time
  • less judgemental
For My Family:
  • visit my parents more
  • call my brother more
  • call grandparents monthly
  • write letters to my grandparents
  • grow closer to my fiance’s family
For Work:
  • be on time/early each day
  • do less “non-work” things (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) while at work
  • get to know other people in the building beter
  • less procrastination, more preparation
  • attend networking events and conferences
For My Passions:
  • blog – post regularly and build a following
  • carve out more time for reading
  • reading, crafting
  • re-vamp my Etsy shop
  • de-clutter and donate (EVERYTHING) so I can simplify my life

That really just skims the surface, but using this format was really helpful and thought-provoking. I used the same template as my 2017 year in review post. You can find the templates I used here.

Happy 2018 + planning!


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